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Company Overview

New Brunswick Emergency Medical Services (NB EMS) manages Ambulance New Brunswick (ANB) who currently employs over 900 professionals as paramedics, medical transportation dispatchers and flight nurses to the service of New Brunswickers. NB EMS employs over 100 professionals who are responsible for the high quality management of ANB as well as NB EMS. These professionals consist of Human Resources, Finance, Communications, Quality Control, IT, Fleet and Facilities.

NB EMS works closely with the New Brunswick Department of Health.

Department of Health (DH) - Roles and Responsibilities
The Department of Health (DH) is responsible for the delivery of the Ambulance Service throughout New Brunswick. DH is responsible for:

      1. System Design
      2. Regulatory Framework
      3. Medical Control
      4. Audit/Monitoring
      5. Funding

Medavie EMS Group of Companies
Managed By NB EMS
Managed By EMC