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Awards and Recognition

Ambulance New Brunswick Receives National Award of Excellence

In June 2015, our Medical Communications Management Centre (i.e. ambulance dispatch centre) was named “best in class” nationally at the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada annual conference in Niagara Falls, ON. The award of excellence for an innovative technology or treatment was for the RECOL technology we use in our dispatch centre to enhance the systems in place today. MCMC operations manager Joel LeBlanc created the technology. Since 2013, MCMC has been using RECOL to streamline information, reduce unnecessary ambulance movement and enhance the systems and technologies we use today.

Joel is photographed here with Yvon Bourque (ANB Director of Operations and Deployment) and Erik Sande (Medavie EMS President). 

CPR Public Education Program receives national and international praise for its commitment to community

In May 2014, our CPR Public Education Program received a Gold National Award of Excellence for community relations from the Canadian Public Relations Society. Then in September 2014, the Program was recognized as the best-of-the-best globally for communications and contribution to community – winning the top prize in the Public Service category from the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management.

Thanks to the dozens of paramedics and dispatchers who volunteer their time to teach New Brunswickers how to save a life, and our community and industry partners for your interest and support! Learn more about the our Program, and join the 6,000+ New Brunswickers ready to take action to save the life of someone whose heart has stopped beating as a result of our CPR Public Education Program.

Photographed are Sophie Cormier-Lalonde, left (community relations lead, who has since moved on to another opportunity) and communications manager Tracy Bell.

Canadian Public Relations Society Press Release:

Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management Press Release:

Global Alliance Feature Story about ANB:

Video Summary of the Program:


Ambulance New Brunswick Wins National Award for Trauma

In June 2013, Ambulance New Brunswick (ANB) won a national award for our team's work in treating and transporting the province's most seriously-injured trauma patients. The honour comes from the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada (the organization representing EMS leadership across Canada.) The EMS Award of Excellence recognizes the unique work ANB is doing within the larger NB Trauma Program, and it is a testament to how well every aspect of our operations works together to improve outcomes for our most seriously-injured patients.


Ambulance New Brunswick Receives Motorola Award

In August 2012, Ambulance New Brunswick received the Motorola Award for Excellence in Emergency Preparedness from the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police in Sydney, NS. ANB was up against the top first responders in the country, including fire, police and EMS agencies for this national award.

Photographed, from left to right: Jane Wilcox, Acting Deputy Chief, Toronto Police Service; George Krausz, Motorola Solutions Canada; Troy McQuinn, Manager of Emergency Preparedness, ANB; and Edgar Goulette, Director of Support Services, Quality & Training, ANB.


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