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Mission Statement

NB EMS is committed to the delivery of innovative health care, safety and communications solutions through knowledgeable and caring professionals. Our belief is in a better life for the communities we serve.

Core Values

  • Meeting the need of our stakeholders through innovative thinking and delivery of the highest quality services to our customers.
  • Taking an active role by supporting local charities and community projects as it relates to the better life of the communities we share.
  • Responsibility to our staff by providing safe working conditions and a culture of respect demonstrating honesty, integrity, equity, courtesy and professionalism. As a service provider, co-worker, and friend, we are all accountable.
  • Committed to developing, coaching and motivating people to do their best.
  • A culture that promotes lifelong learning, personal development, and recognizing and cultivating dynamic leadership.

Roles and Responsibilities

NB EMS is responsible for managing the delivery of land and air ambulance services, as well as the Medical Management Communications Centre (MCMC). NB EMS is also responsible for:

  • The System Design;
  • Managing all Human Resources;
  • Acquiring all facilities, vehicles, equipment and supplies; and
  • Managing community, stakeholder and media relations.
  • Managing the IT, Clinical CQI and Finance Departments.

Medavie EMS Group of Companies
Managed By NB EMS
Managed By EMC